Ankle Support Footwear to Keep You Climbing


Ektio's Ankle Support Footwear Technology is doctor invented & clinically tested technology designed to prevent ankle sprains.  As you're reaching new heights and exploring new terrain, we're there to make sure you're comfortable and secure the entire way.

Had the past Ektio; Two Words Game Changing.
I’ve purchased 3 pairs. I have NOT sprained my ankle because of these shoes since

Key Features of the Ektio Hiking Boot

  • Ektio's Patented Ankle Support Technology
  • Waterproof Upper Material
  • Breathable Upper
  • Cushioned EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole with Ektio's stabilizing outriggers


We strongly believe the Ektio Ankle Support Technology is one that can eliminate most ankle sprains in life.  As evidence by years of our technology protecting basketball players in the most demanding sport on the ankle, we know most other activities will be no match for our technology.  While we fully expect to be back in the basketball shoe market at some point, we felt the best opportunity for our brand lies in the hiking boot market.  

Thanks for protecting my ankles and keeping me going.

Ektio Ankle Support technology in the Hiking boot

The Ektio Hiking Boot will incorporate the main strap that wraps around the ligaments of the ankle.  When you strap into the boot, you'll be locked in like never before.  It will also include the lateral outriggers on the outsole that is designed to prevent rollover of the shoe.