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Clinical Studies and Testing Results

Drexel University Study 

Below is a study done at Drexel University by Dr. Sorin Seigler using his proprietary ankle force/motion testing apparatus to test the amount of ankle inversion allowed wearing an Ektio Basketball Shoe vs. wearing a Competitors Basketball Shoe.  As you can see, less ankle inversion was allowed while the subject was wearing Ektio's patented ankle support technology.          

Ektio Shoe vs. Standard Shoe-Ankle Inversion

The study done at Drexel also tested overall mobility that is allowed while wearing Ektio Basketball Shoes.  While you may think that Ektio Basketball Shoes will limit mobility on the court because of the superior ankle support, the study found that the Ektio Basketball Shoe was virtually identical to a standard basketball shoe in offering full mobility in all the necessary motions of the ankle needed to perform at the highest level.  In fact, ankle braces and tape are known to limit certain ankle motions that are needed to perform at the highest level (that's why most players HATE wearing braces or tape!).

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