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Ektio Post Up White/Navy Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

Part Number 0911-PU-WB
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Ektio Post Up White/Navy Ankle Support Basketball Shoes
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Ektio Post Up- First generation shoe.  Limited Quantities left, limited sizes available.  Final sale, no returns.  Exchanges, however, are permitted.

A sharp looking three-quarter height upper features white action leather with white mesh and navy underlays, white mid sole and red bumpers. Details include a cut-back navy patent leather toe and ankle accents. The evolutionary designed carbon fiber shank of the shoe is revealed at the arch of the foot. Two navy patent leather and Velcro straps with the white embroidered Ektio logo hold the ankle secure, and a heavy-duty embroidered webbing tab at the ankle assists pull on. Inner game gear include a special foam fabrication that assists the forefoot and heel with shock absorption.
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Rating Ankle Injury Free from for 3+ years
My ankle tendons were spaghetti after two many ankle injuries playing basketball in high school and college. About three years ago, I bought the Ektio Post Up shoes when I began coaching my daughter's basketball team. Now use them lunch pick-up games at work and a winter basketball league. Not a single ankle injury in 3+ years.
  Reviewed by:   from San Francisco, CA. on 12/3/2014
Rating Mr.
Overall, I like this basketball shoe. They are light and seem to be made of good quality. I would like to see what the condition of the shoe is after about a year of use. Right now I'm using them for indoor gym play only, but would like to see how they hold up outdoors on concrete. Takes some getting used to, to properly strap the shoe up and I had to walk around with the small instruction sheet to remember how the straps are supposed to be placed. I wore the shoes without the ankle supports that I normally wear due to multiple ankle sprains and week ankle joints. I wanted to put the claims to the test. Unfortunately one day during a game, I stepped on a foot coming down from a rebound and turned my ankle in a way where no shoe could have prevented a strain. Don't get me wrong, if I weren't wearing these shoes the sprain would probably have been much worse, maybe even damaged ligaments or a break. No shoe could have prevented my ankle from bending the way it did when I came down on that foot. When I took the shoe off later that night to ice my ankle, I noticed there were black and blue marks where the straps cross over the joint of the ankle, which indicated to me the shoe tried to do it's job as best it could without breaking my ankle. I wound up with a "high" ankle sprain instead on a normal sprain. Keep in mind that I am a 48 year old weekend warrior with a long history of bad ankle sprains, attempting to keep up with 30 to 35 year old's. From now on I'll wear my normal ankle supports along with the shoe for added protection. Overall I like the way the shoe feels, they are very light, but seem durable enough and the grip of the bottom rubber seemed very good, even on a dusty gym floor. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who have had chronic ankle injuries or would like to prevent them.
  Reviewed by:   from Manalapan, NJ. on 12/27/2013
Rating Most comfortable shoes EVER!
Have been playing in these for a couple of weeks, a few times a week. Way more comfortable than my Nike shoes. The straps require you to read a set of instructions. Total time figuring this out was 5 minutes. Now takes the same time as any other shoes and way less time than putting on ankle braces. I feel totally secure in these shoes.
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle. on 12/17/2013
Rating Weekend Warrior
I have previously purchased the Wraptors and love how they fit like a glove so I thought I'd try out the Post Ups and I'm very pleased with how they feel on the Court. I'm never worried when I drive hard to the basket or go up for a rebound. Keep em coming Ektio!
  Reviewed by:   from Reseda CA. on 11/5/2013
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