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If you're shopping on Ektio.com, we highly encourage you to focus on our Basketball Shoe assortment.  That's where we specialize in producing maximum ankle support, the highest level of performance, and greatest level of balance and stability a sneaker can offer.  Ankle Sprains are Now Optional. You Make the Choice.  

Basketball Shoes With Maximum Ankle Support

At Ektio we understand that people who are serious about sports are also serious about their shoes -- for good reason. Ektio shoes are made for athletic performance will deliver consistent support, protection and response when you need them most. Each pair of Ektio athletic shoes has been designed to deliver high performance to your game. Pay close attention to these parts of the shoe when selecting your next pair:
  • Ankle Support
  • Outsole
  • Exterior upper
  • Midsole 
  • Lacing and tongue
Support Begins at the Bottom. You have probably noticed that athletic shoes have strong, sturdy soles. These are designed to provide traction when running, jumping, and cutting. The Ektio shoe uses a full herringbone outsole, providing you with an unmatched level of court-feel.  

Ankle Support is Vital. Ankles are an athlete’s best friend, so you have to select shoes that are going to provide the ankle support required by your sport of choice. Select a pair of shoes like the Ektio Breakaway Ankle Support Basketball Shoes. They provide a new doctor invented ankle support technology with straps built into the walls of the shoe that act as an internal ankle brace and lateral side bumpers to discourage the shoe from rolling over.  These design features will help protect against game-ending ankle sprains.

Athletic shoes are one of the most important pieces of sporting equipment you will own. Make sure you select shoes that will protect your feet and ankles during training and during games.