Thanks for everything you guys have done for me. These shoes have revolutionized ankle support.

The EKTIO Footwear Story

company background

Ektio began in 2010 when Dr. Barry Katz had enough of watching the top athletes in the world sprain their ankle on a drive the hoop.  He set out to solve the problem and developed a battle tested, patented technology that has saved thousands of ankles from devastating ankle sprains.

The company quickly attracted well known athletes, including Hall of Fame Basketball Player, Rick Barry, and NY Knicks Legend and All-Star, John Starks.  


Why Hiking?

After helping keep thousands of basketball players healthy, we were continuously getting requests for a hiking boot.  After all, an ankle injury can be devastating if you're on the mountain with no way of getting back down.

The next stage of the Ektio Footwear Brand is on the mountain









John Starks on the Joe and Evan Show on WFAN Radio, talking Ektio Footwear.

Your shoes have changed my life.

What is Ektio Technology?

Ektio technology incorporates a duel strap system built into the walls of the shoe, acting as an internal ankle brace.  The first strap goes right over the top of the ankle and provides unmatched lockdown.  The second strap wraps around the ankle joint and supports the outside ligaments, making sure your ankle is supported to the max.

Ektios have been a gift for us! My 13 yr old son has pronation so his ankles turn in. The orthotics specialist said he had to wear work boots every day all the time. For an Aspergers kid, these shoes meant more than you could know.